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It's about Hoo you know

With a portfolio that spans the spectrum of sincerity, from Halloween ghouls to thought-provoking abstract pieces, the beautiful, passionate, and bizarre creations of Kansas City-born artist Hulya Hoo are the result of an artistic lineage, middle eastern influence, a checkered past, adaptation, and survival. Hulya is influenced by the design, art, music, and culture of her Turkish father and her mother’s side of German artisans in the woods out in the middle of nowhere, Missouri. At her grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ property in Dittmer, Missouri, surrounded by the rolling woods and the nearest grocery store an hour away, their art had the notoriety to attract buyers from international opera singers to famous actors. Hulya spent many summers there surrounded by this work. You can see motifs from her heritage bleeding through many of her pieces on both sides.

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